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Client: NOW: Pensions

NOW: Pensions tasked us with creating a campaign to reduce the number of jobholders automatically enrolled into a workplace pension scheme from opting out. We created a piece of content to act as a deterrent, confronting those who click ‘opt out’ making them think twice about the decision before they proceed.

To explain the benefit of investing now for a significant pension payoff later, we conducted the experiment in C4’s infamous ‘Fried Chicken Shop’ with some surprising results. Our undercover actor posed as a hungry punter on his way home, desperate for chips.

He asked diners if they could spare some with the promise of a reward soon after. For those who invested in this trade, their sacrifice was compensated with an envelope containing a crisp £20 note. The result? Almost ten thousand people would have opted out had they had not seen the video but almost four out of 10 people (37.5%) decided to stay opted in or to continue thinking about their decision.